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By Michael Gulli, Senior Vice President

A-List Bay Area Running Club

We were second out of 15 running clubs for the A-List Bay Area Running Club. WOW was first, but we are an open club to everyone. Our membership is $25 per year and it includes 40+ races per year. I feel we still have the best running club for the price.

Emergency Management System (EMS) Update

We are working with Brian Hartley regarding a CPR/first aid class in order that we may be ready for any medical emergency during our DSE races. We will be scheduling a class either at a folding session or at the Sports Basement. The class should be about one hour and we will let you know when it is scheduled.

Relay Teams

The DSE board approved funding for the four DSE running teams in the Relays. We had a meeting on March 9 at Sports Basement to discuss the open and masters B teams. We will have a total of four teams competing on May 3 and 4. If you would like to see the location of the race as it is in progress, go to the website If you would like to help with the donations for Organs R Us, the sponsor, Ken Fong set up a site at

Double Dipsea Update

The contract between Brazen Racing and DSE for the Double Dipsea has been signed. We are waiting for the permits. We are trying to get Saturday, June 21 as the date of the DD. Once the official date is chosen, it will be announced.

New Pre-Race Announcement

We have a new announcement before the start of each race:
“Per RRCA guidelines for the safety of all runners, running with headphones, dogs and/or baby strollers is strongly discouraged. If you choose to wear headphones, please keep the volume down and wear only one earbud in. If you choose to run with a dog or baby stroller, please start in the back.”

Special Olympics

There will be a Special Olympics Track and Field meet at Kezar Stadium on Friday May 9, 2014. If you would like to volunteer, show up at 8:45 AM at Kezar Stadium. The meet will be from 10:30 AM to 1:00 PM. George Sacco will be attending the meet. For more information, contact Ken Reed at

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by George Sacco

The 2014 Board met for the first time on February 2. This is a summary of the major items that were covered:

  1. Change in volunteer requirements (to a point system)To minimize the current confusion regarding volunteer requirements for awards, we are changing the current system from hours to points. The new system will be posted on the website and in future newsletters.
  2. Race Director (RD), refreshments and age division points: RDs should make arrangements to provide refreshments for their race. They will be awarded 12 age division points up to three times per year. If there are two RDs for the same race, they will split the 12 points evenly — six points for each RD.
  3. Change of pre-race announcements: It was suggested that we update our pre-race announcements regarding running with headphones, dogs and/or strollers to be in line with the RRCA policy on this matter. A suggested announcement was drafted to be tested in future races.
  4. Budget Policy: A new budget policy was approved as follows: An itemized written budget proposal should be submitted in advance for approval by the Board at least 90 days prior to an event. This policy will take effect in 2015.
  5. Emergency Management System (EMS): George asked Brian Hartley to create a one-page document to outline EMS procedures for RDs to follow. George and Mike will look into setting up CPR/first aid classes to certify as many members as possible

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by George Sacco

President’s Activity

We finished the General Membership Meeting and I was confirmed as the 2014 DSE President. I know that I ran unopposed, but I still thank you for electing me. The new Board was also elected. It is a young and a dynamic group. I look forward to working with them. My goals are to attend as many DSE races as possible, listen and act on your ideas for the Club, and keep the DSE races the most cost-effective in the Bay Area.

General Membership Meeting

Here is a summary of the December 22 General Membership meeting:

  1. A process action report was presented on the last General Membership meeting.
  2. Treasurer’s report showed a slight change in the bottom line.
  3. Membership status: very little change in membership numbers.
  4. Double Dipsea: we should have a finalized agreement with Brazen Racing in the early part of January.
  5. New race director policies were covered (see article on page 5 of the January Newsletter).
  6. Presentation on the communications link in place with Race Equipment Manager.
  7. Discussion on the recent Windmill 10K’s start and finish line procedures put in place as a result of George Baptista’s race safety policy, which he wrote in the early part of 2013.
  8. Election of the new officers.

Kaiser Permanent Half Marathon

Mark your calendars for February 2, when we need volunteers for the DSE water stop at the Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon. I know it is Super Bowl Sunday, but you will have plenty of time to see the game afterwards. Let’s Show the Pamakids how we support them.

Safety Tip: Be Careful Out There

When we run in races where we share the road with cars, give them the right of way. They’re bigger then we are. So stay out of their way so you can run another day.


Don’t forget to send your registration in for the Gala before January 12. I will be looking for you there.

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DSE Election subcommittee: George Baptista, Jim Kauffold and Bill Woolf

The DSE officers election will be will be held on December 22, 2013 at the DSE General Meeting. This meeting will be held after the Mission Rock 5K run. We have another excellent slate of candidates and you may cast your verbal vote(s) at this meeting. With one person running for each position and the candidate list closed, a written ballot will not be provided this year.

The candidates are:

  • President: George Sacco
  • Senior VP: Michael Gulli
  • 2nd VP: Kenley Gaffke
  • Secretary: Kitzzy Aviles
  • Treasurer: Chikara Omine

The candidates’ statements are on page 3 of the December Newsletter. We urge you to read the statements, attend the General Meeting, vote and support the officers in the upcoming year. A big thanks to the candidates for stepping forward.

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(The information in this summary is taken from the minutes provided by Diann Leo)

A face-to-face meeting was held to resolve budget matters and other concerns, in lieu of email voting. This is a summary of the items

  • Charitable Donations, Special Olympics: The Board approved a donation of $1,000 this year for the Special Olympics. This is an increase of $200 over last year’s amount.
  • The Board established a policy for the loan and rental of DSE race equipment. Each time equipment is loaned or rented it must be approved by the Board. The equipment will only be loaned or rented to current members and the equipment must remain in the custody of DSE members appointed by the Board that have been in good standing for at least six months. The Board may add additional requirements for each approval.
  • The Board approved the rental of a time clock and one timer for a South San Francisco Catholic  School event on November 23. George Sacco and Vince French will operate the equipment for this event.
  • The Board set a policy for vendors at DSE Races (see Policies page) and finalized the formation of two standing committees: Emergency Management System (EMS) chaired by Brian Hartley, and Race Safety chaired by Jim Kauffold. Both of these committees have the mandate of improving the safety of our races.
  • We closed the meeting with a brief discussion regarding the gala, the increase in postage rates that are scheduled for next year, and the essential volunteers that need to be in place at each of our races.