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by Kitzzy Aviles

To minimize confusion, we’re creating a system that will award members volunteer points (instead of using hours) based on the volunteer role performed. Award volunteer requirements will also be updated accordingly. Below is the proposed point system and updated award requirements that will take effect starting on January 1, 2015 (for awards presented at 2016 Gala). If you have feedback or suggestions before we finalized this next month, please contact Kitzzy Aviles (

Volunteer JobPoints
Registration (starting 1 hour before race start), finish line, aid station, or course monitor at regular weekly race or Thursday summer series1
Aid station or timing at 6-hour race (per 1 hour shift)1
Folding session host1
Aid station or course monitor at Waterfront 10M or Lake Merced Half2
RD for 5M or shorter3
RD for 10K or 12K4
RD for 10M or Half Marathon5
RD for 6-Hour Race7
Board member, operations member or coordinator12
Double Dipsea VolunteerTBA


Updated Award Requirements
Based on this new volunteer point system, award requirements will be updated for the 2016 Gala as follows:
To qualify for any award at the annual Gala, you must be an active member and meet the criteria for that award.

  • Active Member: Paid membership + 3 volunteer points
  • Small Mongo: Run/walk 250 miles; participate in 10 DSE races; earn 3 volunteer points
  • Large Mongo: Run/walk 750 miles; participate in 20 DSE races; earn 6 volunteer points
  • Active members who wish to be considered for a Mongo award, Top 5 Race Miles or Top 5 Total Miles must submit the awards form at the end of the year.

Again, these are proposed changes that will take effect January 1st for the 2016 Gala and will not affect the 2015 Gala.

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