$5 Weekly Running Races In San Francisco

 DSE Runners is San Francisco’s premier running club for socializing, exploring San Fransisco, and becoming a faster runner

Run More Races And Make More Friends!

DSE Runners is unlike any other running club. Why? 

Nearly every single weekend of the year we host a $5 race in (or near) San Francisco!

May it be a cross country 5k in Golden Gate Park, a trail 10k at iconic lands end, or a beach side road race – we do it all! 

That means you get to improve your fitness while running at some of the coolest places in the world!

What else should you know? 

DSE welcomes runners of all levels! 

We have average runners, fast runners, walkers, and joggers…

Young runners, middle aged-runners, runners in their 70s and 80s, dad runners, mom runners, grandma runners, and every other kind of runner you can imagine. 


Everyone fits in here at DSE!

Why You Should Join DSE!

  1. Run More Races Without Breaking The Bank. Most local 5k races in the Bay Area can cost $50-$80. That’s a lot of cheddar! At DSE, a $20 yearly (adult) membership gets you a $5 entry fee to any race. You can also pay $100 for UNLIMITED RACES ANNUALLY! Learn more about our race fees HERE
  2. Make More Running Friends With Runners At Your Level. It can be tough to find other runners with similar goals and abilities. Here at DSE, we have runners of every ability so you can find your people! 
  3. Run At The Coolest Places In The Bay. Big races with thousands of people can’t run the coolest places because, well, they’re too big! At DSE, we take advantage of our smaller numbers to run breathtaking courses like Lands End, Oyster Point, and San Bruno Mountain. 

Running Your First Race With DSE Is Easy!

Step 1: Choose a DSE race you would like to run

Don’t be intimidated, just choose one (maybe this weekend? hint hint)

Step 2: Lace up, and get your butt out to the race!

At the race, you can pay on the spot for a $10 drop-in (cash or PayPal), or sign up for a membership and pay less. Don’t worry about it, let’s just get you out here and we’ll help you figure it out!

Step 3: Run (or walk) the race, meet new friends, enjoy snacks and a finisher ribbon!

Congrats! You've started to form a suprisingly addictive new healthy habit!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a membership before I can run with DSE? No! You can drop in whenever you like for $10.
  • What are your membership rates and how can I purchase a membership?   – You can find membership rates and sign up HERE.

  • I only want to run races sometimes. How else can I be involved? We welcome volunteers! Please inquire

  • What’s the atmosphere at DSE events? We are aggressively friendly and welcoming. DSE races have beginners, intermediate, and advanced runners alike, new runners and those who’ve been at it for 60 or 70 years (really!). Truly, everyone is welcome!
  • What benefits does membership have?  Half-price on already cheap races, newsletter, discounts to other (more expensive!) races, discounted personal training and massage therapy, annual awards for performance or participation