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Due to this very unusual year, DSE will award Small and Large Mongo Awards to members as follows:

2020 Small Mongo Award Qualifications:

  • Run/walk 250 miles
  • Participate in at least 10 DSE races (in-person or virtual for 2020)
  • (Volunteer point requirement waived for 2020)

2020 Large Mongo Award Qualifications:

  • Run/walk 750 miles.
  • Participate in at least 20 DSE races (in-person or virtual for 2020)
  • (Volunteer point requirement waived for 2020)

Please note:

  • We will publish and email the Awards Reporting Form in mid-December. Recipients must complete the form by the January 8 deadline to be eligible.
  • Award Winners may choose to receive a certificate, a trophy, or neither.
  • Please note that we are unable to host an in-person gala this winter, and we will not mail out awards. We will arrange a few pick-up times at outdoor locations. Any remaining awards can be picked up at the home of a Board member.
  • We will publish all Award Winners in the February newsletter.
  • Award Winners will be entered in a special raffle.
  • Due to challenges related to self-timing and alternative courses, we are suspending Age Division and Top Five Awards this year.
  • As soon as we are able, DSE will hold an in-person outdoor celebration picnic for all members.


DSE is currently offering weekly Members-Only Virtual Races. Here are the details:

  • These weekly races are limited to Members Only. Members receive race details and a monthly newsletter by email.
  • In a Virtual Race, participants run our suggested course or a similar course close to home on any day of the week.
  • Members email name, age, gender, and results to by 3pm Sunday each week. Results are published on our website.
  • You can share photos and results on our Facebook Page (optional)
  • You may run the course as many times as you like, but please only email one set of results each week to the designated race results preparer by 3pm Sunday.
  • We suggest you wear a Garmin watch or use Strava on your phone to track your distance and time.

Questions? Email

Stay safe and healthy everyone!

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