Expectations of participants at DSE events, email distribution lists, and social media accounts.

In the interest of promoting an enjoyable running and racing experience for everyone, members of the Dolphin South End Runners (DSE) and participants in DSE sponsored events shall behave in accordance with the following Code of Conduct when participating in DSE workouts, races, activities, volunteer positions, and when posting on DSE’s e-mail and social media accounts.

At all times, members and DSE event participants shall:

  • Conduct themselves in a manner that ensures a welcoming and comfortable environment.
  • Show respect toward fellow club members, race participants, volunteers, and spectators.
  • Never yell at, taunt, or threaten physical violence upon another member of the club, race participant, volunteer, or spectator.
  • Never use abusive or vulgar language, or make derogatory comments based on one’s race, ethnicity, age, religion, sex, gender identity, or sexual orientation.
  • Never make unwanted physical contact with club members, race participants, volunteers, or spectators.
  • Never act in a manner that can be deemed sexual harassment, which includes unwelcome sexual advances, unwelcome requests for sexual favors, and any other unwelcome verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature.
  • Behave in a manner that is safe and does not put others at risk of harm.
  • Refrain from acting in a manner that disrupts or impedes DSE sponsored events, or damages property belonging to DSE.
  • Refrain from littering or otherwise damaging private and public property.
  • Abide by all traffic/pedestrian laws and follow the instructions of police, park rangers, sheriffs, race directors, and DSE event volunteers.
  • Direct any complaints or suggestions in a respectful manner toward a member of the DSE Board, or, if a Board member is unavailable, to the event director.

Violations of this Code of Conduct should be reported to a member of the DSE Board, or, if a Board member is unavailable, to the event director, on a club-provided Incident Report Form.

All alleged violations of the Code of Conduct will be investigated by a member of DSE Board.  This Board member will review the Incident Report Form and gather information by interviewing the involved parties and any witnesses to the alleged violation.  The Board member will then present his or her findings at the next scheduled Board meeting.  The Board, in its discretion and upon a majority vote, may fashion a remedy depending on the severity of the violation, including but not limited to a verbal warning, a written warning, referral of the matter to law enforcement, temporary or permanent exclusion from DSE sponsored events, and termination of DSE membership, without full or partial reimbursement of dues paid.  Any member faced with cancellation of DSE membership or exclusion from DSE events will have the opportunity to address the Board either in writing or in person before any such sanction is issued.