DSE Members enjoy discounted race fees and a complimentary Summer Series, as well as invitations to the Annual DSE Member Picnic and the Annual Awards Social.  To keep our races accessible and affordable, DSE Members commit to volunteering at least once in each calendar year.  Members who earn at least three volunteer points are eligible to win annual awards and raffle prizes at the annual DSE Member Picnic.

DSE Members will earn Volunteer Points for their various contributions to the club throughout the year. In order to receive volunteer points at our weekly races, members must sign up on the race pre-registration sheet that is emailed to all members every month. Be sure to check in with the Race Director on race day. We must have an accurate record of what role members volunteered for so we can award the correct number of points.

Members will be able to redeem these points for rewards and to meet qualifications for our yearly awards, including:

3 points: Minimum requirement to qualify for a Small Mongo award, Age Division, and Top 5 awards at the annual Awards Social.

6 points: Minimum requirement to qualify for a Large Mongo award.

In addition, awards will be given to the top 3 members who have accrued the most volunteer points annually at the Annual Awards Social.

Raffle Tickets for prizes!

At the Annual DSE Member Picnic, raffle tickets will be issued as follows:

 3 points: 1 raffle ticket

10 points: 2 raffle tickets
10-19 points: 3 raffle tickets
20-29 points: 4 raffle tickets
30-39 points: 5 raffle tickets
40-49 points: 6 raffle tickets
50 points or more: 7 raffle tickets