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The voting for DSE Officers has been extended until the last race of the year, the Golden Gate Bridge Vista 10K on December 28.

Candidate statements begin on page 3 of the December Newsletter.

The ballot for the election of 2015 DSE club officers is included as an insert in the December issue of the DSE News. You may mail the ballot in or deposit it in a ballot box at upcoming DSE races. The voting will close shortly after the Aquatic Park 10K on December 21. You must be a DSE member (dues paid) for your vote to be counted. A big thanks to our candidates:

  • President: Kitzzy Aviles
  • Senior VP: Michael Gulli, Leo Rosales, Kenley Gaffke
  • Second VP: Jason Buckner, Bill McCarty, Jen Walker
  • Secretary: Amber Wipfler
  • Treasurer: Chikara Omine

Results of the voting will be announced in the January 2015 DSE News and the DSE Runners website. Thank you for your vote.


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