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by Jason Buckner

One thing I’ve heard from many members is that they want us to update our race timing system. Well, we’ve heard you and want to fill you in on the details of how our new electronic timing system will work.

Starting at the Easter Roller Coaster 5K on April 5, we’re going to start handing out stopwatch necklaces to every runner that attends our races. When the race director says “GO!,” each runner starts their stopwatch and runs the race. Once you cross the finish line, you just stop your stopwatch. It’s that simple!

After crossing the finish line, you’ll walk over to the finish line table, show the volunteer your stopwatch and tell them your name and age. Next, go over to our stopwatch collection table and return your stopwatch. We’ll try to keep the lines as short as possible. After returning your stopwatch, you can then get the food and water that you earned!

We think you’re really going to love this new system. Kitzzy and I have been running around our neighborhood with the stopwatches and you really get used to the flopping around in no time. It will hit you in the face now and again, but it only stings for a second.

Ok, so this is clearly an April Fools joke, but I really am looking at ways to improve our timing system and hope to have a real update for you soon. If anyone is interested in helping, please contact me.


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