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by Kitzzy Aviles, Secretary

EMS Procedures for DSE Race Directors

Thanks to Brian Hartley for putting together a list of suggested guidelines to help our race directors with medical emergencies. Although we hope to never have occasion to use these procedures, it is a living document that is subject to change. We have already had two edits. Check out the draft linked from the policies page of our website.

My Experience at Double Dipsea

On June 21, the DSE teamed up with Brazen Racing to carry on Walt’s tradition and put on the 45th Annual Double Dipsea. Over 700 runners and hikers completed this year’s race, and I was among them. This was my first time running this race, and it did not disappoint. It was the most difficult race I’ve ever run, but also the most rewarding. What truly made this race special for me was all the smiling DSE faces I saw along the course, both as participants offering each other encouragement and support, as well as the amazing volunteers at every aid station.

I can’t express enough thanks for the camaraderie and support I experienced on this course. As I was nearing mile 3, I tripped and face planted on the trail — something that has never happened to me on any run before. I was already worried about finishing this race within the cut-off, and that was the last thing I needed. The gentleman behind me did not skip a beat in offering me his hand, helping me up, and making sure I was ok. I was covered in dirt and wanted to cry, but a quick assessment told me nothing was broken so I pressed on. The scrapes on my knee stung and when I stopped to check on it, another fellow runner offered me a wet wipe to clean it off. When I made it to the turn around within minutes of the cut- off, I found renewed energy and spirits. With a spring in my step, I set forth to tackle the second half and to my surprise I began to pass people. I was sure to encourage each one of them and that made the time fly. I heard of other random acts of kindness from DSE members, such as Tony Nguyen giving his hydration pack to a fellow runner who needed it more than him, ensuring he was able finish the race safely.

Thanks to Brazen Racing ,who did an amazing job carrying on the legacy of this race, and to every DSE member who contributed to making this year’s race a success! Visit the Race Results page to see this year’s Double Dipsea results.

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