DSE depends on volunteers to host over 40 races a year.

Explore the various volunteer opportunities below to learn how you can contribute to DSE. DSE Members will earn Volunteer Points when they give back to DSE, which they’ll need to qualify for awards at the gala and earn other rewards. See the Awards page for more details.

  1. Race Directors
  2. Race Day Volunteers
  3. Before the Race
  4. During the Race
  5. Folding Sessions
  6. Newsletter

Race Directors

This is a fun and easy way to contribute and get a behind the scenes look at our weekly races. You will have support from regular volunteers and club officers to ensure your success. See the Race Directors page for more details and to sign up.

Race Day Volunteers

Each race requires various volunteers to assist the Race Director put on a successful race. If you are interested in volunteering at an upcoming race, please complete the volunteer sign up form or contact the Race Director for that race or Kevin Lee at dse.pekingduck@gmail.com or 415.933.7527 (after 7pm). Be sure to sign the volunteer waiver at the race to get credit.

Before the Race

These positions are ideal for anyone who wants to earn volunteer points and still run the race.

  • Registration: collect money, ask runners to sign the waiver, hand out tags, and educate runners on how to fill out and wear the tags. Must arrive by 7:55 am.
  • Course Marking: Using a GPS watch, cones, and flour, walk or run the course and accurately mark the entire course, specially turns, with directional arrows. Must arrive before 7:30 am.

During the Race

Kid-friendly opportunities are designated by a balloonsymbol. All kid volunteers must be accompanied by an adult volunteer; both the kid and the adult will receive volunteer points.

  • balloonCourse Monitors: Outfitted with an orange vest and flag, stand at a key location on the race course to direct runners. Must arrive by 8:15 am.
  • balloonFinish Line – Ribbons: Hand out ribbons as runners exit the finish line shoot. This is a great volunteer opportunity for kids.
  • balloonFinish Line – Mover: Cheer for runners as they cross the finish line and remind them to keep moving, stay in order, and pull their tags.
  • Finish Line – Tag Puller: Collect tags from runners as they finish the race and hand to spindler.
  • Finish Line – Spindler: Place tags in correct order and direction into spindle; be careful not to drop them!
  • Finish Line – Timer: Record each runner’s time as they cross the finish line.
  • Finish Line – Random Scorer: Write down names and times of runners that we know as they cross the finish line. This serves as a backup when preparing results after the race.

Additional volunteers for aid stations and course monitors are required for our longer races. Thank you for your continued support in putting on our weekly races.

Folding Sessions

Each month DSE members get together to prepare newsletters to mail to those members that opted to receive a printed newsletter. We need folding session hosts as well as volunteers to help fold. The host’s major responsibilities include providing the following:

  • Place for DSE members to meet with a space for working to get the newsletters ready to mail.
  • Space for the food and drink that participants will bring.
  • Plates, glasses, napkins and flatware.

Most hosts contribute to the potluck food or drink, but it is not required. The DSE Treasurer will reimburse the host for any folding session expenses up to $50 (you will need to provide receipts). Newsletters, labels, stamps, and tape will all be supplied by the editor and membership coordinator. Folding session hosts will also receive a one hour volunteer credit towards their yearly requirements. If you are willing to host a session, please contact Jane Colman at janecol@lmi.net or (510) 652-3116. Please refer to the current Newsletter for the date and location of the next Folding Session.


The DSE Newsletter is published monthly for the DSE Running Club. Please submit your material to the editor by the 20th of each month if you would like it to be published in the following month’s newsletter.

  • Articles and Photos: Email is preferred. If you mail photographs and want them returned, include a self-addressed stamped envelope. Articles may be edited for length and clarity.
  • Letters to the Editor: The DSE Newsletter encourages readers to share their opinions for publication. Letters should be brief and accompanied by your name. All letters become the property of the DSE Newsletter and will be edited for length and clarity.