DSE relies on Race Day volunteers to put on successful races each week. Members who volunteer earn volunteer points. Members must earn at least 3 volunteer points per year to qualify for awards at the gala. Additional volunteer points make you eligible for additional rewards. All children volunteers must be accompanied by an adult volunteer; both the child and the adult will earn volunteer points.

DSE Members can sign up to volunteer here:
Race Day Volunteer Sign-Up

RACE DIRECTORS purchase race day snacks in advance, coordinate race day volunteers starting at 7:30am on race day, and make race day announcements. (3-6 volunteer points depending on race distance). Read more about serving as Race Director on the Race Director. Adult volunteers only.
REGISTRATION volunteers collect money and register runners 8am-9:15am on race day. (1 volunteer point)
COURSE MONITORS direct runners on the course starting at 8am-10am on race day. (2 volunteer points)
FINISH LINE volunteers collect tags from runners, hand out ribbons to runners, and time runners 9am-10am on race day. (1 volunteer point)

Folding Sessions
Each month DSE members get together to prepare newsletters to mail to those members that opted to receive a printed newsletter. We need folding session hosts as well as volunteers to help fold. The host’s major responsibilities include providing the following:

  • Place for DSE members to meet with a space for working to get the newsletters ready to mail.
  • Space for the food and drink that participants will bring.
  • Plates, glasses, napkins and flatware.

Most hosts contribute to the potluck food or drink, but it is not required. The DSE Treasurer will reimburse the host for any folding session expenses up to $50 (you will need to provide receipts). Newsletters, labels, stamps, and tape will all be supplied by the editor and membership coordinator. Folding session hosts will also receive a one hour volunteer credit towards their yearly requirements. If you are willing to host a session, please contact Jane Colman at janecol@lmi.net or (510) 652-3116. Please refer to the current Newsletter for the date and location of the next Folding Session.