Originally published in the December 2000 newsletter by Ted Vincent

The DSE ohttps://dserunners.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/placeholder-vertical-1.jpg much to those who hand out the ribbons, mark the courses, set up the finish line, bring the water, take the money, and, perhaps most crucial, the operation ohttps://dserunners.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/placeholder-vertical-1.jpg a big debt to those who are willing to become club officers.

A club officer Hall of Fame is hereby proclaimed for those with 4 or more years in a post that involves sometimes going to meetings, a chore about as much fun as going to a dentist. We’re talking President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership, and Newsletter Editor.

Leading our Hall of Fame is our Babe Ruth, Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods all in one – our founder, Walt Stack. He was President from 1966 to 1985. That’s 20 years of meetings. If Hall of Fame membership could be given for years of work without being expected at meetings, then Stu Ruth, who has been newsletter cartoonist since 1972, would qualify, as would Tom Chuey, who tabulated the annual runner points from 1976-1998, and Mike Pechner, our weatherman who has been giving the DSE newsletter weather “scoops” since 1986. Among others, there is our “water man” of many years Bob Marty, and two recently passed on club heroes – Ed Murray, the newsletter folding session guru, and Bob Wallace, who while not holding office provided his spacious hall for club meetings. Bob’s annual DSE Giants baseball game day was one of many long term club activities, as is the “Dipsea Walk” of Mary Magee.

But it is having to sit through meetings which shows that extra dedication that earns Hall of Fame membership. The years of service are tabulated from 1972 to 2000. 1972 is the first year for which we have records other than carbon dating. Because officers often switched between different offices, we will simply mention years of service without specifying the posts held. The second most dedicated officer is Myra Green, with 12 years of service according to the DSE Newsletter officer list. Myra started in 1980, and after living out of town returned to serve from 1997-1998. Third is Kevin Lee with 7 years of service and he appears to be heading for 8. Fourth place with 6 years is a tie between Vivian McElroy, Phyllis Nabhan, and Elaine Mah. Elaine’s post of Newsletter Editor should be noted, since she has held the job for a record 6 years, now going on 7. Actually, Cheryl Willis edited the newsletter for 7 years, but for four of those years the masthead listed Cheryl’s mate, Jim Roe – giving Jim HF status. It may be noted that Elaine as produced the newsletter all by herself, whereas Cheryl and Jim were a team, along with myself and my wife Bernice Brucker for 2 ½ years of newsletter editing. Nobody else has lasted more than a year at the job.

Serving 5 ½ years in one officer or another was Louise Buchart. Louise was so gung-ho that she made a dress completely composed of DSE race ribbons all sewn together. As sometimes happens to the very zealous, there can be burnout. One day Louise left and was never seen again.

A pack of Hall of Famers have 5 years – Ken Reed, Jeff Beardsley, Gail Gustafson-Rodd and Marsha McGuire-Manit. In addition to serving as an officer, Marsha has been the honcho for about 25 years for our annual Double Dipsea race. Jane Colman presently has 4 years, but is heading into her fifth. Filling out our luminous list of stars are the others with 4 years – Rick Shea, John Buenfil, Fred Haber, Sandra Seiki, Margaret Curtis, and the running book author Joan Ullyot. That’s a Club Officer Hall of Fame total of 10 women and 7 men. Women’s running promoter Walt Stack would be happy were he still around.