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Attendance: 16 members were in attendance, including all officers and two members at large.

Treasurer’s Report: Due to some unexpected expenses, we may end up with a small loss this year but are still in good shape with a healthy bank balance.

Membership Report: We’ve had a 16% increase in membership so far this year. However, 5% of these members still need to renew their membership. Remember that you must be an active member to be eligible for an award at the Gala.

President’s Mission Statement: Below is an update on George’s personal goals for DSE this year.

  • Attend as many DSE races as possible — so far he’s missed only one.
  • Increase or maintain membership — membership has increased by 16%.
  • Have all board members serve as race directors — all but one has been a race director at least one race.
  • Have at least one board member in every committee — this has been accomplished.

Board Meetings Highlights:

  • The minutes from all board meetings have been published in the newsletter.
  • The following new policies will take effect January 1, 2015:
    • Budget Policy: An itemized written budget proposal should be submitted to the board for approval at least 90 days before an event.
    • Volunteer Points System: To minimize confusion, we’re creating a system that will award members volunteer points (instead of using hours) based on the volunteer role performed. Award volunteer requirements will also be updated accordingly. Full details and how many points you can earn per volunteer opportunity will be published on the website and in the next newsletter.

Double Dipsea Update: George had a brief meeting with Sam two days ago, which confirmed that Brazen is very interesting in partnering with DSE to manage this race in 2015 and has begun pursuing permits. A meeting with key players from both sides will take place soon to negotiate details. The biggest concern from Brazen is that DSE did not provide the number of volunteers it committed to for the 2014 race.

Folding Session: We had trouble finding folding session hosts and attendees over the past years, so alternate solutions were discussed. After gathering more details, it was determined that folding sessions are still the most efficient and cost-effective method and we’ll continue these every month. To help increase attendance, we’ll post dates in advance on the website calendar and reminders a few days before each session in the Facebook and Yahoo groups.

EMS Update: The final draft of the EMS Procedures is now posted in the Policies and Procedures page under the About Us section of the website. George is reaching out to Sports Basement to host a CPR class and a date will be announced soon. The class will be free and will have up to 10 spots, which will be filled on a first come, first served basis. Club member Brian will then facilitate a first aid class. Our RRCA State Representative, George Rehmet, advised that we update the race waiver to make it clear that there are no medical personnel present at our races.

2015 Gala Update:

  • The 2015 Gala will be held on Sunday, January 25 starting at 4:30 PM.
  • Remember that you must be an active member (dues paid) and have accumulated the correct number of volunteer hours to receive an award at the Gala.
  • Active members who wish to be considered for a Mongo, Top 5 Race Miles or Top 5 Total Miles awards must submit the awards form by January 4.
  • A link to an electronic form will be posted on the website and a hard copy included in the next newsletter.

Open Discussion:

  • Concerns were again raised about allowing runners with headphones, dogs or strollers at our races. We maintain our position that these are highly discouraged and runners who choose to run with these do so at their own risk. However, the RD of each race has final say and full authority to ban their use and disqualify runners deemed unsafe.
  • To help runners make more informed decisions on when to bring along strollers or dogs, we’ll be reviewing and updating course descriptions to include more information about terrain and elevation.

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Each year at this time, DSE members have an opportunity to place their names for nomination to become officers of the DSE running club.

Club officers are elected for one year to serve as President, Senior and Second Vice Presidents, Secretary and Treasurer. Duties for the officers are as follows:

  • PRESIDENT: To preside over meetings, to represent this association in the RRCA, to call any special meetings and appoint committees and chairpersons thereof, and to report club news to the membership by writing a monthly column for the club newsletter.
  • SENIOR VP: To assume the powers of the president in his or her absence.
  • SECOND VP: To take on special assignments as requested by the president.
  • SECRETARY: To record minutes of meetings, to keep a file of such minutes and, when requested by the president, to accept assignments involving correspondence and the keeping of records.
  • TREASURER: To administer all financial duties and to have the authority to sign or disburse necessary appropriations as directed and filing applicable tax returns.

The nomination process will be open through the end of October. Nominees will then submit a short introduction article for inclusion in the December DSE News. Voting will take place by secret ballot in December and the results announced in the January newsletter. Only the new officer’s names will be announced. Vote tal- lies will remain confidential.

Here is your chance to participate at a higher level and to help form the direction that the club will take in the coming year. A sign-up sheet will be available at the Sunday races or you may contact one of the members of the election committee below:

  • Caron Anderson:
  • Jim Kauffold:
  • Bill Woolf:

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by George Sacco, President

Thank You Kitzzy:

for writing the July President’s Desk and providing an excellent report on the 2014 Double-Dipsea.

Board Meeting And General Meeting Scheduled

The dates and locations for these meetings are set. The Board Meeting, August 24, will be after the Golden Gate Park Cross Country 5K. The General Meeting, September 28, will be at the Lindley Meadow Cross Country 4M site. We are still finalizing the agendas for both meetings. We will be provide a summary of the meetings in the September and October newsletters.

Committee Meetings

Two important committees will be starting soon, the Race Committee and the Gala Committee.

We Need Race Directors

We need a race director for the Marina Green 5K. We are also in need of directors from September to December. Check the DSE website for open race director positions. Being a race director provides you with 12 age- division points and volunteer points toward a Gala trophy. All you have to do is print your name on the Race Director board at one of the Sunday runs or contact Kevin Lee or Jim Kauffold to sign up as a Race Director.

Summer Evening Race Series

The summer Thursday evening race series at Lake Merced continues through August 21. It starts at the Sunset Blvd parking lot at 6:30 PM. Entry fee is only one dollar, and the course is open until 7:30 PM.

DSE Thank You For July 2014

We don’t thank people enough for the things that they do. So I hereby take my self-appointed Presidential power, and present Jane Colman the DSE thank you for July 2014. Thank you Jane for keeping the newsletter and the folding sessions going.

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by Kitzzy Aviles, Secretary

EMS Procedures for DSE Race Directors

Thanks to Brian Hartley for putting together a list of suggested guidelines to help our race directors with medical emergencies. Although we hope to never have occasion to use these procedures, it is a living document that is subject to change. We have already had two edits. Check out the draft linked from the policies page of our website.

My Experience at Double Dipsea

On June 21, the DSE teamed up with Brazen Racing to carry on Walt’s tradition and put on the 45th Annual Double Dipsea. Over 700 runners and hikers completed this year’s race, and I was among them. This was my first time running this race, and it did not disappoint. It was the most difficult race I’ve ever run, but also the most rewarding. What truly made this race special for me was all the smiling DSE faces I saw along the course, both as participants offering each other encouragement and support, as well as the amazing volunteers at every aid station.

I can’t express enough thanks for the camaraderie and support I experienced on this course. As I was nearing mile 3, I tripped and face planted on the trail — something that has never happened to me on any run before. I was already worried about finishing this race within the cut-off, and that was the last thing I needed. The gentleman behind me did not skip a beat in offering me his hand, helping me up, and making sure I was ok. I was covered in dirt and wanted to cry, but a quick assessment told me nothing was broken so I pressed on. The scrapes on my knee stung and when I stopped to check on it, another fellow runner offered me a wet wipe to clean it off. When I made it to the turn around within minutes of the cut- off, I found renewed energy and spirits. With a spring in my step, I set forth to tackle the second half and to my surprise I began to pass people. I was sure to encourage each one of them and that made the time fly. I heard of other random acts of kindness from DSE members, such as Tony Nguyen giving his hydration pack to a fellow runner who needed it more than him, ensuring he was able finish the race safely.

Thanks to Brazen Racing ,who did an amazing job carrying on the legacy of this race, and to every DSE member who contributed to making this year’s race a success! Visit the Race Results page to see this year’s Double Dipsea results.

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by George Sacco, President

Time to Start Planning for 2015

June is the halfway point for 2014, time to start planning for the 2015 Race Schedule, Volunteer Appreciation Picnic and the Gala. Please, step forward and be part of these committees. The club can only remain strong if we all pull together.

Volunteers for 2014 Double Dipsea

I know this is a repeat request for volunteers for the Double Dipsea. Brazen Racing is directing the race. However, the DSE logo is still present. That’s why I am quoting Janet Nissenson, from her article in the May newsletter, “One of the ways that DSE will continue to be involved with the race is through our volunteer support. Many of our volunteers have been helping at this race for a long time, and we will continue to rely on your expertise and experience to put on a safe and successful race.” Keep DSE a part of this race by going to and signing up to volunteer. We need your support.

Summary of Board Meeting – May 11, 2014

This is a summary of the salient points covered at the Board Meeting held on May 11. Updating Pre-Race Annoucement: We are updating the pre-race announcements to include, “Per RRCA guidelines, running with headphones, dogs or strollers is strongly discouraged. If you choose to run with these items, you do so at your own risk.”

  • Race Director Changes: To clarify the race director changes, Jim Kauffold will write an article for the newsletter and for insertion in the website. See Race Director page for details.
  • Changes to Folding Sessions: This topic was tabled for a General Meeting, which is planned for July or August.
  • EMS update: Brian has completed an EMS procedural guide for race directors. George will reformat the guide for Brian’s review. The CPR/first aid scheduling is moving forward. We plan to have our first CPR/first Aid training sessions in the next few months.
  • New Volunteer Point System to take effect January 1, 2015: The new volunteer point system will be described in the October/December newsletter.
  • Posting of Volunteer Requirements for Gala: An article on the volunteer requirements for Gala awards will be written for the newsletter. This is to encourage more members to understand and meet the volunteer requirements.
  • Race Schedule Committee: We need to start looking for a new Race Schedule Committee Chair. Janet has done a great job, but we can’t expect her to do this job forever. George asked the Board members to be part of the committee. We encourage all club members to also be part of this important endeavor.  Without a race schedule the club has no meaning to exist.
  • Change in Policy for Vendors at Races:
    • Vendors may provide products to be included with other race day refreshments.
    • The DSE does not sanction the presence of vendors at DSE races.