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by Kitzzy Aviles

Poll: Next General Membership Meeting

At our previous meeting in August, members expressed interest in having one General Membership Meetings each quarter. Looking at the remaining DSE races for 2015, there are only a few dates that will work, but none are optimal, so we’d like your input. Please take 1 minute to fill out this survey and share your preferences for 11/8, 11/29 or 12/13:

Save the Date: January 23, 2016

I’m excited for our next Gala to kick off our 50th Anniversary celebration! Check out the teaser video below unveiling the theme (spoiler: colors will be purple, green, and gold) and read the article in the October newsletter from Gala Coordinator Christine Clark for more details.

Volunteer Appreciation Picnic

I had a blast at this event. Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen. We host this annual picnic to thank our tireless volunteers who help us host over 40 races each year. This year we wanted to treat the picnic as a sneak peek of the Awards Gala and recognize our top volunteers with certificates and special prizes. The election sub-committee obtained two new candidates and confirmed three current officers for the DSE election in December. Members are reminded that we are taking sign-ups until late October for the ballot. We also held a raffle for all volunteers who earned at least 6 points, and a costume contest for all who best embodied the “All Sports” theme. See the full article in the October newsletter for more details and a list of winners.

Race Director Rewards Clarified

There has been some confusion about what rewards race directors get after each time they volunteer, and how they claim it. We’ve modified the wording to clear the confusion as follows:

  • An RD is entitled to a cotton DSE t-shirt or two $3 DSE race entries after directing their first race in any calendar year.
  • An RD who directs a third race after July first in the same calendar year is entitled to a high-tech DSE t-shirt or five $3 DSE race entries.

Please see Calvin to redeem your reward after the first and third time you race direct each year.

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by Amber Wipfler

DSE held its annual General Membership Meeting on August 9, 2015, at the Presidio Sports Basement.  We had a fantastic turnout, and the DSE Board would like to thank all the attendees for their excellent ideas and input.  In fact, it was such a great experience that we’ll be doing it again in the not too distant future—several members requested that we hold general meetings more frequently, and the Board is committed to make that happen.  In the meantime, here is a rundown of some of the topics we discussed:

  • Treasure’s Report:  Despite an approximately 15% drop in race registrations this year, our club is financially healthy and solidly in the black.  The Double Dipsea remains our most profitable event, bringing in approximately $8,000 this past June. To offset the decreased revenue from our Sunday races, we are looking for small tweaks that will cut down on costs—for example, slight course modifications can result in lower permit fees.
  • Membership Report:  DSE memberships have leveled out in 2015, after 5% annual growth for the past few years.  We are looking into the possibility of auto-renewals and multi-year memberships, as well as the option to pre-purchase a block (or even a year’s worth) of races.
  • Double Dipsea: We did not have enough DSE volunteers at the 2015 Double Dipsea, and the assignment of volunteer positions did not go as smoothly as we had hoped. To remedy this, we plan to begin recruitment for Double Dipsea 2016 volunteers at a much earlier point, and we hope to return to our old system of having a captain for each aid station/checkpoint assigned ahead of time to help with recruitment.
  • Code of Conduct/Stroller Policy: We presented the new DSE Code of Conduct and a draft of our Stroller Policy for consideration, and received a lot of great input from our members.  We are revising the policies to reflect certain member suggestions, and will post drafts for members to review within the next few weeks.
  • Open Discussion:  The most fun part of any general membership meeting is hearing from our members!  Per our members’ suggestions, here are some things the DSE Board is looking into implementing in the near future:
    • Online form to submit candidates for the Eco Awards presented at the Gala
    • Way to donate those old race medals and trophies to a good cause
    • Subcommittee focused on DSE’s charitable giving
    • Improved first aid kit and race director resources
    • New DSE merchandise to celebrate our club’s 50th Anniversary
    • More frequent General Membership meetings

Those who attended the meeting have the Board’s sincerest thanks.  For those who couldn’t make it, please be sure to make your voice heard by e-mailing a member of the DSE Board.  You can find our contact information at, and we always want to hear your comments and suggestions.

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by Kitzzy Aviles, DSE President

Volunteer Points

I finally got time to tally everyone’s volunteer points and you can view the current totals on our website. Please keep in mind that since this is a mostly manual process, there will likely be mistakes. If you spot a mistake, omission, or have questions/concerns about your totals or the points awarded, please contact me asap and I’ll look into it. Thanks for your patience!

View Your Current Volunteer Points Total

Volunteer Picnic

Our Volunteer Appreciation Picnic will be held in September. Remember that you need to earn 3 volunteer points by September 1 in order to attend. Invitations for those that qualify will go out the first week in September.

Summer Evening Race Series

The 2015 Summer Evening Race Series continues every Thursday for the next three weeks at Lake Merced starting at 6:30 pm for just $2. This series started out in 2008 with about 25 runners and has grown to a steady 80-100 runners in the last eight years. We want to thank Janet Nissenson for organizing these races all these years, as well as our dedicated group of volunteers who help keep it going. In order to keep this tradition alive in 2016, we will need more members to step up next year.

Thank You SF Marathon Volunteers!

Thank you to all the volunteers who got up before the sun came up to help man the DSE aid station at the San Francisco Marathon and cheer our runners. It’s always nice to see a familiar face after completing that tough first half, and our members always do an outstanding job supporting this race.

Upcoming Races

We only had races on three Sundays in July, but we’re making up for it with five races in August. It must be cross country season, because three of these races include trails. If you’re not able to run, consider volunteering to earn those last few points needed to attend the Volunteer Appreciation Picnic.

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by Kitzzy Aviles, President

DSE is your club, so we want to hear your feedback and ideas! Join us at the Presidio Sports Basement after the Marina Green 5K to get an update on what we’ve been doing in 2015 and give us input on new club initiatives. We’ll setup early with snacks and refreshments in the Community Space next to the exit, so head over when you finish your race for a bit of shopping and catching up with fellow DSE members. Below is the planned agenda; if you have additional items to discuss, email me at ASAP.

General Membership Agenda
August 9, 2015 – after Marina Green 5K
Presidio Sports Basement, Community Space

  1. Treasurer’s Report
  2. Membership Report
  3. Volunteer Points System
  4. Volunteer Appreciation Picnic
  5. Awards Gala
  6. Code of Conduct / Strollers
  7. Open Discussion/New Business

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by Kitzzy Aviles, DSE President

Member Recognition

One of my goals for this year is to find more ways to recognize and thank our members for helping us put on more than 40 races a year. The new volunteer points and rewards system is one way, and social media is another. Our officers are taking a more active role at our weekly races by introducing and thanking our weekly race directors and volunteers. We’ve created a special Race Director button, so make sure you wear it the next time you race direct. Thank you to the following members who took on the challenge of Race Directing in March: Amber Wipfler, Suzana Seban, Mitchell Cvecko, Daryl Lupino, Joseph Connelly, and Christine Clark. If you are interested in serving as Race Director for an upcoming race, specially in April, please contact Kevin Lee ASAP.

Race Schedule Changes

Due to delays in permit approvals and conflicts with other local races, we’ve had to make changes to our race schedule. Our races are always subject to change throughout the year, so I want to remind you not to rely on the printed schedule; always confirm race details the week prior on our website or phone hotline.

Volunteer Points and Rewards System

The new volunteer point system has been updated on the website. We’ve tried to account for everything, but since this is a new system I’m sure we’ll still need to make adjustments, so please be patient. We’ll be awarding volunteer points retroactively to those who have already volunteered this year. In order to receive volunteer points, you must check in with the Race Director on race day and sign the volunteer waiver sheet. We must have an accurate record of what role you volunteered for so we can award the correct number of points. We are still working out the rewards system, but here is what we know so far:

  • 3 points is the minimum requirement to be considered an active member. Anyone who earns 3 volunteer points by September 1st will receive an invitation to the Volunteer Appreciation Picnic on September 20th. This will also fulfill your volunteer requirement for a Small Mongo trophy, Age Division, and Top 5 awards at the Gala.
  • 6 points is the minimum requirement to qualify for a Large Mongo trophy, and will earn you a free DSE race entry. Active members will receive a free DSE race entry for every 6 volunteer points earned.

Vacant Volunteer Positions

Speaking of volunteers, we are in need of members to help with the following tasks:

  • race attendance tracking
  • volunteer points tracking
  • race directors (contact Kevin Lee)
  • course marking trainee (contact Kevin Lee)
  • Double Dipsea volunteers (see article from Jennifer Walker in April newsletter)

If you can help with any of these, please contact the board for more details.

Double Dipsea

DSE has once again partnered with Brazen Racing to put on the Walt Stack DSE Double Dipsea Race on June 20. Registration opened on March 10, and all spots sold out in record time, within 24 hours – must be the It’s Its at the finish line! I am working closely with Brazen Racing and we need everyone’s help to make this race a success. Jennifer Walker is this year’s Volunteer Coordinator, so if you’re not running this race, please check out her article in the April Newsletter for how you can get involved and earn 8 volunteer points.

Social Media

Our Social Media Chair, Tony Nguyen, has been hard at work coordinating our social media strategy. We now have a public Facebook Page that we’ll update weekly. Check out his article to see how you can contribute and interact with DSE on social media using our hashtag, #DSE