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San Francisco Marathon
Congratulations to all who participated in the San Francisco Marathon events this weekend. Thank you to all the dedicated DSE Volunteers who once again manned Water Stop #6 to keep all runners hydrated in Golden Gate Park.

Volunteer Appreciation Picnic
Our annual volunteer appreciation picnic is coming up next month on September 18. Every member who has earned at least 3 volunteer points will receive an invitation. It’s not too late to earn your points and join us. We can always use help at any of our races on Sunday mornings or Thursday evenings.

New Relay Option for 6-Hour Running Festival
Our 6-hour running festival will take place on October 23 this year, and we’re adding a relay option! If running for 6 hours straight seems daunting, grab a friend or two to form a relay team and split up the run in any way you like. Look for a separate article with more details next month, and start getting your teams together today!

Age-Adjusted Race Results
Jason worked his spreadsheet magic on the race results and you can now see your age-adjusted pace and effort. Check out the newsletter article from Jason for more details, and email him at with any feedback.

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