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(The information in this summary is taken from the minutes provided by Diann Leo)

A face-to-face meeting was held to resolve budget matters and other concerns, in lieu of email voting. This is a summary of the items

  • Charitable Donations, Special Olympics: The Board approved a donation of $1,000 this year for the Special Olympics. This is an increase of $200 over last year’s amount.
  • The Board established a policy for the loan and rental of DSE race equipment. Each time equipment is loaned or rented it must be approved by the Board. The equipment will only be loaned or rented to current members and the equipment must remain in the custody of DSE members appointed by the Board that have been in good standing for at least six months. The Board may add additional requirements for each approval.
  • The Board approved the rental of a time clock and one timer for a South San Francisco Catholic  School event on November 23. George Sacco and Vince French will operate the equipment for this event.
  • The Board set a policy for vendors at DSE Races (see Policies page) and finalized the formation of two standing committees: Emergency Management System (EMS) chaired by Brian Hartley, and Race Safety chaired by Jim Kauffold. Both of these committees have the mandate of improving the safety of our races.
  • We closed the meeting with a brief discussion regarding the gala, the increase in postage rates that are scheduled for next year, and the essential volunteers that need to be in place at each of our races.

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