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By George Sacco

On June 2 I ran, walked, and talked the Jim Pommier 6-hour Distance Classic. It’s been a long time since I have run any long distances; my last marathon was 26 years ago and I forgot to put petroleum jelly on my feet. So I paid the price with black toes. 

On June 8 I attended Tony Stratta’s memorial at the Elks Club in South San Francisco. It was a well done affair, with full lunch, open bar, and a slide show highlighting Tony’s life.

On the morning of June 24 I went to Bobby’s house in Pacifi ca to help fi ll several hundred goody bags for the Double Dipsea. I always marvel at how well Ken Reed manages this race.

To end the month I scheduled a committee for June 30 to plan for a General Meeting, start the ball rolling on the Gala and go over the status of the club.

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