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by George Sacco, President

Time to Start Planning for 2015

June is the halfway point for 2014, time to start planning for the 2015 Race Schedule, Volunteer Appreciation Picnic and the Gala. Please, step forward and be part of these committees. The club can only remain strong if we all pull together.

Volunteers for 2014 Double Dipsea

I know this is a repeat request for volunteers for the Double Dipsea. Brazen Racing is directing the race. However, the DSE logo is still present. That’s why I am quoting Janet Nissenson, from her article in the May newsletter, “One of the ways that DSE will continue to be involved with the race is through our volunteer support. Many of our volunteers have been helping at this race for a long time, and we will continue to rely on your expertise and experience to put on a safe and successful race.” Keep DSE a part of this race by going to and signing up to volunteer. We need your support.

Summary of Board Meeting – May 11, 2014

This is a summary of the salient points covered at the Board Meeting held on May 11. Updating Pre-Race Annoucement: We are updating the pre-race announcements to include, “Per RRCA guidelines, running with headphones, dogs or strollers is strongly discouraged. If you choose to run with these items, you do so at your own risk.”

  • Race Director Changes: To clarify the race director changes, Jim Kauffold will write an article for the newsletter and for insertion in the website. See Race Director page for details.
  • Changes to Folding Sessions: This topic was tabled for a General Meeting, which is planned for July or August.
  • EMS update: Brian has completed an EMS procedural guide for race directors. George will reformat the guide for Brian’s review. The CPR/first aid scheduling is moving forward. We plan to have our first CPR/first Aid training sessions in the next few months.
  • New Volunteer Point System to take effect January 1, 2015: The new volunteer point system will be described in the October/December newsletter.
  • Posting of Volunteer Requirements for Gala: An article on the volunteer requirements for Gala awards will be written for the newsletter. This is to encourage more members to understand and meet the volunteer requirements.
  • Race Schedule Committee: We need to start looking for a new Race Schedule Committee Chair. Janet has done a great job, but we can’t expect her to do this job forever. George asked the Board members to be part of the committee. We encourage all club members to also be part of this important endeavor.  Without a race schedule the club has no meaning to exist.
  • Change in Policy for Vendors at Races:
    • Vendors may provide products to be included with other race day refreshments.
    • The DSE does not sanction the presence of vendors at DSE races.

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