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by George Sacco

The 2014 Board met for the first time on February 2. This is a summary of the major items that were covered:

  1. Change in volunteer requirements (to a point system)To minimize the current confusion regarding volunteer requirements for awards, we are changing the current system from hours to points. The new system will be posted on the website and in future newsletters.
  2. Race Director (RD), refreshments and age division points: RDs should make arrangements to provide refreshments for their race. They will be awarded 12 age division points up to three times per year. If there are two RDs for the same race, they will split the 12 points evenly — six points for each RD.
  3. Change of pre-race announcements: It was suggested that we update our pre-race announcements regarding running with headphones, dogs and/or strollers to be in line with the RRCA policy on this matter. A suggested announcement was drafted to be tested in future races.
  4. Budget Policy: A new budget policy was approved as follows: An itemized written budget proposal should be submitted in advance for approval by the Board at least 90 days prior to an event. This policy will take effect in 2015.
  5. Emergency Management System (EMS): George asked Brian Hartley to create a one-page document to outline EMS procedures for RDs to follow. George and Mike will look into setting up CPR/first aid classes to certify as many members as possible

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