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Each year at this time, DSE members have an opportunity to place their names for nomination to become officers of the DSE running club.

Club officers are elected for one year to serve as President, Senior and Second Vice Presidents, Secretary and Treasurer. Duties for the officers are as follows:

  • PRESIDENT: To preside over meetings, to represent this association in the RRCA, to call any special meetings and appoint committees and chairpersons thereof, and to report club news to the membership by writing a monthly column for the club newsletter.
  • SENIOR VP: To assume the powers of the president in his or her absence.
  • SECOND VP: To take on special assignments as requested by the president.
  • SECRETARY: To record minutes of meetings, to keep a file of such minutes and, when requested by the president, to accept assignments involving correspondence and the keeping of records.
  • TREASURER: To administer all financial duties and to have the authority to sign or disburse necessary appropriations as directed and filing applicable tax returns.

The nomination process will be open through the end of October. Nominees will then submit a short introduction article for inclusion in the December DSE News. Voting will take place by secret ballot in December and the results announced in the January newsletter. Only the new officer’s names will be announced. Vote tal- lies will remain confidential.

Here is your chance to participate at a higher level and to help form the direction that the club will take in the coming year. A sign-up sheet will be available at the Sunday races or you may contact one of the members of the election committee below:

  • Caron Anderson:
  • Jim Kauffold:
  • Bill Woolf:

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