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Course Description

Note: this is a revised course from previous years.

Complete a counter-clockwise loop transverse the lower level trail and upper levels of El Camino del Mar parking lot. Stay on Land’s End Trail that exits uphill onto the backside of the Legion of Honor parking lot. Run downhill on El Camino del Mar. Take lower fork at 30th Avenue staying on El Camino del Mar which merges into Lincoln Blvd. Left turn at Bowley, right into Baker Beach parking lot, right onto East Chamberlain Rd., run downhill thru entire lower parking lot, exit onto Baker Beach sand. Turnaround at vertical saw-off black vertical pole. Reverse directions, run back the same way to finish.

Course Map

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Fort to Fort 10K @ Fort Mason
Feb 22 @ 9:00 am – 10:30 am


NW dirt area adjacent central “Great Meadows” Fort Mason lawn. S/F lines up with building and fire hydrant.

Course Description:

“Out & Back” – Complete .3 mile clockwise Ft. Mason “Great Meadows” loop, exit (westbound) onto Marina Blvd., right thru Yacht Harbour parking lot, onto Golden Gate Promenade Stay along path into Fort Point National Historic Site. Turnaround at end of parking lot and return same way to finish.

Course Map:

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