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by Jason Buckner

One thing I’ve heard from many members is that they want us to update our race timing system. Well, we’ve heard you and want to fill you in on the details of how our new electronic timing system will work.

Starting at the Easter Roller Coaster 5K on April 5, we’re going to start handing out stopwatch necklaces to every runner that attends our races. When the race director says “GO!,” each runner starts their stopwatch and runs the race. Once you cross the finish line, you just stop your stopwatch. It’s that simple!

After crossing the finish line, you’ll walk over to the finish line table, show the volunteer your stopwatch and tell them your name and age. Next, go over to our stopwatch collection table and return your stopwatch. We’ll try to keep the lines as short as possible. After returning your stopwatch, you can then get the food and water that you earned!

We think you’re really going to love this new system. Kitzzy and I have been running around our neighborhood with the stopwatches and you really get used to the flopping around in no time. It will hit you in the face now and again, but it only stings for a second.

Ok, so this is clearly an April Fools joke, but I really am looking at ways to improve our timing system and hope to have a real update for you soon. If anyone is interested in helping, please contact me.


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2015 Awards Gala Recap by Jason Buckner

We’ve all experienced that feeling of the predawn run, watching the sun rise and breathing life into the day. How about that run after work, just as the moon is rising and the world is settling down? It’s magical.

That’s where this year’s gala was born.

The evening started with a time warp from bright daylight to the dimmed lights of the South San Francisco Conference Center. Glowing flowers and lighted balloons adorned the centerpieces while guests made glow-in-the-dark necklaces, bracelets, and all sorts of creative decorations.

Photos from the year were playing on the big screen and music serenaded the runners during cocktail hour, many of whom rarely see each other wearing anything except tech-clothes. “So this is what you look like in regular clothes!” was heard more than once.

Snoop Kitty and the Meows opened the show and MC Tony Nguyen introduced the crowd to our outgoing president, George Sacco. After some short remarks and thanking the 2014 Board, he introduced the club to its first female president, Kitzzy Aviles. She then presented George with the presidential clock plaque, said a few words, and introduced the 2015 Board.

The evening then moved into the awards ceremony where we got a chance to recognize all of the amazing accomplishments that have been achieved throughout the club: Small Mongos for those volunteering members that have run over 250 miles, Large Mongos for those that ran over 750 miles, and the kids of the club who get the biggest trophies of them all!

Janet Nissenson recognized all of the age group winners and Barbara Robben presented the Eco Award, with special recognition to Vince French. Kevin Lee presented the RRCA Volunteer Award to Mary Gray, Denise Leo, and Chikara Omine. This award is earned over many years of volunteerism by contributing over 2000 hours to the club!

Vince French passed on the Walt Stack Award to Denise Leo for going beyond the call of duty in volunteering for the club, including the majority of the Thursday Evening Summer Series and the finish line of many Sunday races. She is the Race Results Coordinator and makes sure her team gets results handled smoothly and swiftly.

George Sacco presented the DSE Lifetime Service Award to Jane Coleman for her longtime service and dedication to DSE. Like many club volunteers, she began as a runner, then volunteered at the races, moved up and served as a Race Director and volunteered at the Double Dipsea. Although she has never held a club officer position, she has anchored two key coordinator positions for the past 15 years: Membership Coordinator and Newsletter Editor.

Mary Gray and Jason Buckner ended the award ceremony with the Top Five Awards for Volunteerism, Race Attendance, Race Place, Race Miles, and Total miles.

At the conclusion of the presentation, we had a grand prize drawing for a weekend stay in the penthouse of the San Remo hotel and a showing of a wrap up video from The Relay, one of the club’s big yearly events. This was followed by music and dancing, something that our club members are exceedingly good at.

We hope to see you next year!

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The voting for 2015 DSE club officers has been completed and the results are as follows:

  • President: Kitzzy Aviles (our first ever woman president)
  • Senior VP: Michael Gulli
  • 2nd VP: Jason Buckner
  • Secretary: Amber Wipfler
  • Treasurer: Chikara Omine

The new officers will take their positions effective as of the 2015 Gala. Thanks to all the candidates who participated and to all the DSE members who took the time to vote.Congratulations to the new club officers. Last but not least, a big thanks to the 2014 officers for an excellent job well done!

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The voting for DSE Officers has been extended until the last race of the year, the Golden Gate Bridge Vista 10K on December 28.

Candidate statements begin on page 3 of the December Newsletter.

The ballot for the election of 2015 DSE club officers is included as an insert in the December issue of the DSE News. You may mail the ballot in or deposit it in a ballot box at upcoming DSE races. The voting will close shortly after the Aquatic Park 10K on December 21. You must be a DSE member (dues paid) for your vote to be counted. A big thanks to our candidates:

  • President: Kitzzy Aviles
  • Senior VP: Michael Gulli, Leo Rosales, Kenley Gaffke
  • Second VP: Jason Buckner, Bill McCarty, Jen Walker
  • Secretary: Amber Wipfler
  • Treasurer: Chikara Omine

Results of the voting will be announced in the January 2015 DSE News and the DSE Runners website. Thank you for your vote.


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by Kitzzy Aviles

To minimize confusion, we’re creating a system that will award members volunteer points (instead of using hours) based on the volunteer role performed. Award volunteer requirements will also be updated accordingly. Below is the proposed point system and updated award requirements that will take effect starting on January 1, 2015 (for awards presented at 2016 Gala). If you have feedback or suggestions before we finalized this next month, please contact Kitzzy Aviles (

Volunteer JobPoints
Registration (starting 1 hour before race start), finish line, aid station, or course monitor at regular weekly race or Thursday summer series1
Aid station or timing at 6-hour race (per 1 hour shift)1
Folding session host1
Aid station or course monitor at Waterfront 10M or Lake Merced Half2
RD for 5M or shorter3
RD for 10K or 12K4
RD for 10M or Half Marathon5
RD for 6-Hour Race7
Board member, operations member or coordinator12
Double Dipsea VolunteerTBA


Updated Award Requirements
Based on this new volunteer point system, award requirements will be updated for the 2016 Gala as follows:
To qualify for any award at the annual Gala, you must be an active member and meet the criteria for that award.

  • Active Member: Paid membership + 3 volunteer points
  • Small Mongo: Run/walk 250 miles; participate in 10 DSE races; earn 3 volunteer points
  • Large Mongo: Run/walk 750 miles; participate in 20 DSE races; earn 6 volunteer points
  • Active members who wish to be considered for a Mongo award, Top 5 Race Miles or Top 5 Total Miles must submit the awards form at the end of the year.

Again, these are proposed changes that will take effect January 1st for the 2016 Gala and will not affect the 2015 Gala.