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50th Anniversary 5K

Sunday, May 22, 2016 at 9:00 a.m.

East Beach/Crissy Field, San Francisco

Join current and former DSE members for a 5K race at Crissy Field to celebrate the club’s 50th Anniversary. In addition to our signature low-key atmosphere, friendly volunteers, and post-race snacks, registration for this special event will include a commemorative50th Anniversary tech shirt and finisher medal.

Visit for more information and to register by April 15 to guarantee shirt size.

Double Dipsea Volunteers Needed

Race day will be here before we know it. We are once again partnering with Brazen Racing to help us produce this race, and our part of the partnership is providing enough volunteers to ensure a successful race. This race needs almost 200 volunteers, and we need Volunteer Captains to head up the various aid station and course monitor locations, and help recruit your friends to join you. Contact Jeorgina Martinez at to sign up.

2016 Priorities

The Board’s priorities are, in no particular order:

  • Documentation
  • Efficiency and Automation
  • Redundancy (meaning that multiple people are trained for key volunteer positions)
  • Online store
  • PR/social media campaign

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2016 Officers at Large

It is my pleasure to announce the Officers at Large who will be joining the board for 2016. These three members will advise the elected officers, serve as the voice of members, and take on special projects throughout the year. Chikara Omine served as treasurer for five years; he will help mentor our new treasurer, Christine Clark, to ensure a smooth transition. Tony Nguyen will continue to serve as our Social Media Coordinator. As the newest member of the board, Jeorgina Martinez will bring a new point of view as she gets a peek behind the scenes of what it takes to run DSE and host over 40 races a year.

Race Schedule Changes

An updated print schedule is now available on our website with the following changes:

  • Many of the races that started at Crissy Field now start at the Yacht Harbor parking lot (instead of East Beach parking lot).
  • The Kennedy Drive 8K on April 17 has been replaced by the Mclaren Park 5K.

Double Dipsea Volunteer Captains

Race day will be here before we know it. We are once again partnering with Bracen Racing to help us produce this race, and our part of the partnership is providing enough volunteers to ensure a successful race. We need Volunteer Captains to head up the various aid station and course monitor locations, and help recruit your friends to join you. Rumor has it there may be a best themed aid station contest.

Double Dipsea Early Registration

If you filled out the early registration interest form and met the criteria, you will receive a link to register via email this week. You must follow the instructions and register before regular registration opens and the race sells out. If you are not able to get one of these spots, you will still be able to try again during regular registration on Tuesday, March 15 at noon, and Saturday, March 19 at 3:00pm.

2016 Gala Feedback & Awards

Thank you for all of your feedback. We’re looking forward to ending our 50th Anniversary year with a bang at the 2017 Gala, and we’ll take all your suggestions into consideration during planning. If you were part of the second trophy order, they have arrived! Please see Christine Clark to pick it up; she also has all unclaimed trophies from the Gala. We have updated the Awards Criteria; please visit for more details. If you think of other suggestions, please use this form to let us know:

General Membership Meeting on March 13

We’re looking forward to hearing from members and sharing our plans for 2016, our 50th Anniversary year! Light snacks and coffee will be served starting at 10:30 am in the Community Area at the Presidio Sports Basement. Email me at with agenda items.

2016 Race Directors Needed

We still have plenty of races in need of race directors for 2016, including in the next 2 months! Visit to review available race dates and contact Kevin at to sign up. Thanks!

Awards Criteria Clarifications

While preparing awards for the 2016 Gala, we came across several discrepancies in the awards criteria listed on our website ( We interpreted them as well as we could, but wanted to take some time after to simplify some of the criteria and clarify ones that we received feedback about. We’ve updated the website to be more clear and wanted to point out some of the key points:

  • There is no volunteer requirement to attend the Gala.
  • Members must earn a minimum of 3 volunteer points to qualify for any award. Some awards may require more volunteer points.
  • To receive a mongo trophy, small or large, you must meet all 3 of the criteria listed for that award: miles, volunteer points, and number of races. If you are missing one of the 3 criteria for a Large Mongo trophy, but still qualify for a Small Mongo, you will receive that trophy instead.
  • The kids trophy is specifically for kids who complete five (5) or more of the monthly kid runs; participation in adult races do not count towards this award. Kids who run adult races can earn age division points and qualify for an age division award if they meet all the criteria (including volunteer points).
  • Age division award winners are the top 5 active members–dues paid and 3 volunteer points–who accumulate the most points. Anyone with age division points who has not volunteered, including kids, are removed from the rankings before the winners are tabulated.
  • Every year we have a bunch of leftover trophies that nobody picks up, wasting the club’s money and time as we try to track down their owners for months. For the 2017 Gala, members who which to receive a trophy for any award will be required to submit the awards reporting form. If you qualify for an award but do not submit the form, you will be listed in the awards recipient list, but we will not order you a trophy.

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2016 Gala Feedback

Another Gala is in the books! Thanks to our Gala Coordinator, Christine Clark, for doing such a great job organizing this year’s event. I really enjoyed the masquerade theme and loved seeing how creative our members were in embracing the theme. We had a live band this year that always kept the dance floor full, and we recognized many members for their accomplishments and contributions in 2015. We’d love to hear what you thought, so please visit and take a few minutes to give us feedback for next year.

Gala Awards Corrections

If you feel you are missing a trophy or there was an error, please email me at by Sunday, February 7 with the details so we can discuss. Please verify that you meet the full criteria for the award to receive a trophy, including volunteer points, by visiting the Awards Criteria page on the DSE website:

We’ll place a second order when I compile the full list, so please be patient while I follow up with everyone.

Double Dipsea Early Registration for DSE Members

Last year the race sold out in just a few hours, so we’ve made some changes for 2016. Regular registration will be split between two days: half of all available spots will open on Tuesday, March 15 at noon, and the other half on Saturday, March 19 at 3:00pm. DSE will also have a limited number of spots available for active DSE members to register early. Members interested in this opportunity must submit an interest form and meet certain requirements. Visit for more details and submit the Interest Form by February 21. Those who qualify will receive an invitation to register via email. If you are not able to get one of these spots, you will still be able to try again during regular registration on March 15th or 19th.

First Board and General Meetings of 2016

Our first General Membership Meeting will be on March 13 at the Presidio Sports Basement following the St. Patrick’s Day 5K. Light snacks and coffee will be served starting at 10:30 am. All members are invited to hear club updates and help the DSE Board set priorities for 2016. Email me at with agenda items. The first Board Meeting to prepare for the general meeting will be held on February 7, following the Spreckels Lake 5K.


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by Amber Wipfler

The DSE Board held its second General Membership Meeting on December 13, 2015. For those of you who weren’t able to make it, here’s what went down:

  • Double Dipsea Update:  There will be a limited number of early registration slots available to active DSE members in good standing. If a large number of people are interested, there will be a lottery for the slots. Look forward to an official announcement come January!
  • Race Fees:  The cost of race permits has risen considerably in the past few years, and at least 7 of our races now require double permits.  To cover these additional costs, the Board will likely have to do something that’s not been done in 10 years—raise race fees. One possibility is an increase to $5/members and $10/non-members. We really, really want your feedback on this, so please do contact us and let us know what you think. Any changes in price will likely not take effect until at least the second half of the year.
  • Standardization of Age Groups:  As you may have noticed, DSE’s age group divisions are not consistent—some age groups cover a five-year period, while others span 10 years. Starting in January 2016, all age groups from 18 – 80 will be in five-year increments to be consistent with RRCA recommendations. Please note that this will take extra time, and age division points totals may not be updated until a week after each race.
  • Next Meeting: We can’t give you an exact date yet, but look for the next General Membership Meeting to be held sometime during the first few months of 2016. But you don’t need to wait until then to make your voice heard! Please contact any member of the Board (you’ll find our contact info on the DSE website) with your comments, critiques, and suggestions. We want to hear from you!

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Thank You!

As another year in DSE history comes to a close, it’s fitting that we reflect on the year’s challenges and everything we accomplished. I want to take the time to thank the 2015 DSE Board and the entire membership for an outstanding year. It was my pleasure getting to know you, hearing your concerns, and working together to continue to make DSE the best running club in the Bay Area. Don’t forget to vote during the month of December for who you want leading DSE in 2016!

General Membership Meeting & Holiday Social

The last general membership meeting of the year will be on December 13 at the Presidio Sports Basement Big Room starting at 3pm. Sports Basement will also host a Holiday Shopping Party for us, which means DSE members will receive a 20% discount on this day. In addition to giving you club updates and getting your feedback, we thought this would be a great opportunity to socialize with your fellow DSE members and celebrate the holidays, so we booked extra time. We’ll provide pizza for everyone, and Sports Basement will provide some snacks and drinks. Feel free to bring a snack, dessert, or drink to share.

Double Dipsea Update

General registration for the Double Dipsea will open in mid-March 2016. DSE will have a limited number of spots for active DSE members to get a chance to register early. We’ll provide more details at the meeting, but know that there will be requirements to qualify for this perk, including being an active member with dues paid for at least one year prior and earned 8 volunteer points within the previous 12 months.

Submit Your Awards Form

Active members who wish to be considered for a Mongo, Top 5 Race Miles, or Top 5 Total Miles awards must submit the awards form by Saturday, January 2nd. Check out the Awards Criteria page under the Awards menu on the website for details.