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Marathon Hall of Fame

All DSE members who have completed at least one marathon are invited to join the Marathon Hall of Fame. It is listed in decreasing order by number of marathons completed. To join, email Janet at with the following information:

  • Your name (you must be a DSE member to join)
  • Total number of marathons completed (Do NOT include ultras or any other distances besides the recognized 26.2 mile marathon standard! This includes marathon splits recorded during an ultra).
  • Optional – if you also wish to list your personal best marathon time, include the full name of the marathon, the year you ran, and your finishing time.

The Marathon Hall of Fame is updated four times a year on the website. Members may submit their updated total at any point each quarter, but will only see the new information reflected after the following cut-off dates:

  • March 31
  • June 30
  • September 30
  • December 31

Ultra Hall of Fame

To join the Ultra Hall of Fame, email Michael Gulli at with your name and the total number of races you’ve completed at each distance.

Please keep in mind the following:

  • Per DSE requirement, only include “Actual Races” that meet DSE’s definition of a race. These should be advertised, generally open to the public, events with some kind of official timing/scoring and results. Do not include “fun runs,” “fat-ass events,” or “self-timed events.”
  • Send only the number of races at each distance, not lists of races. Do feel free to include short details of your single best race to be put in the Best Ultra column.
  • Don’t email something like “add one 50k,” just provide the final total for each distance.
  • The Total Miles column is for Total Ultra Race miles. This column automatically adds the number of miles from each runner’s “fixed distance” columns (28.4mi./50k/50M/100k/100M). The formula can not include “fixed time” (6hr/12hr/24hr) and Other columns since I don’t know how many miles each person covered. If you’d like to have the Fixed Time and Other miles included in your total, you have 2 options:
    • (A) include in your email how many miles you ran in your Fixed Time and Other races OR
    • (B) Include in your email your Grand Total Ultra race miles (all distances).
  • If you choose option A, I will add your number to the formula; If you choose option B, I will replace the formula with the total you provide. If you are really meticulous and would like your inexact distances correctly measured (for Example the WS100 is really 100.2 miles) then choose option B. Either way, indicate which option you are picking.