Total age division points DSE members have accumulated so far.

Age division points are tabulated as follows:

  1. Only DSE members are awarded weekly age division points at Sunday DSE races.
  2. The first DSE member in each age division receives 10 points, second 9 points, etc. down to tenth place who receives 1 point.
  3. New members earn age division points as soon as membership is active. Points are not rewarded retroactively.
  4. The Race Director receives twelve (12) age division points for a maximum of three races directed in a calendar year.
  5. In order to receive an Annual Age Division Award, a DSE member must also:
    1. Run (not self-time) in a minimum of 10 Sunday DSE races for the year
    2. Earn at least three (3) volunteer points for the year
  6. Age division points are updated and posted to the website on a weekly basis.
  7. July 1 is the cutoff birthdate for runners who move to a new age division. If the birthday is on or prior to June 30, then all accrued points will be moved to the new age division and the runner will be scored in their new division for the remainder of the year. If the birthday is on or after July 1, then the runner will continue to be scored in their old division through year end.

Age division standings are usually updated within 48 hours after each race, depending on the availability of overall race results. Please direct any questions regarding age division points to Janet Nissenson at